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Ring & DuChateau is 60!

In August 1961, Ring & DuChateau consulting engineers opened its doors to provide engineering services to clients throughout the Milwaukee area. Its founders, James Ring and Joseph DuChateau, were two young engineers with a penchant for quality and a vision for the future. Their founding principles, practice quality design and emphasize service, remain the cornerstone of Ring & DuChateau’s work today. While the firm’s principles haven’t changed, many other things have.

Since the early days of a handful of staff, Ring & DuChateau has grown to be one of the largest engineering firms in Wisconsin with a staff of 90 engineers, designers, technicians and support staff. Ring & Du’s first home was a small office building on North 117th Street in Wauwatosa. With growth, the team moved to a much larger space in Wauwatosa to house its growing staff, and in 2014 we moved to our current home, a two-story office building on Capitol Drive in Brookfield. In 2019, we expanded further by opening an office in Madison to provide more local services to new and existing clients.

We’ve also expanded our service area nation-wide with engineers now licensed in 27 states.

While our home, staff and service area have grown, so too has the menu of services Ring & DuChateau offers clients. Initially providing HVAC and plumbing engineering services, Ring & DuChateau now also offers electrical engineering, commissioning services and technology, lighting and utility design.

For these many years of opportunity and growth, we sincerely thank our staff for their hard work and dedication to quality, and our clients for their collaboration and trust.

For a more detailed history of our past 60 years, check out the timeline at the bottom of our firm webpage: https://www.ringdu.com/our-firm/

Founding Partners Jim Ring and Joe DuChateau

Founders Jim Ring (seated) and Joe DuChateau

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