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3D Scanning

Ring & DuChateau is now able to offer clients 3D scanning services. 3D scanning enables clients to view as-built documentation virtually. The raw output of the 3D scans, called pointcloud data, can be used to for a range of applications, from general dimensions and model verification to creating complex BIM models.

Benefits of 3D Scanning
▪ Complete documentation of existing as-built conditions
▪ Records for immediate or future use
▪ Dense, accurate collection of pointcloud measurements
▪ Models can be produced to test and verify design concepts and account for existing conditions
▪ More accurate than traditional measured surveys; include building elements such as ceilings, beams, columns and internal walls
▪ Overall cost and time savings
▪ Increase safety

▪ Pointcloud (Formats available: LGS, TruView Cloud, JetStream Enterprise, E57, PTX, PTG, PTS)
▪ Autodesk Recap (RCP)
▪ Revit (RVT)

Pricing Structure
3D scanning fees vary depending on project requirements. Fees will be determined by the number of scanner setups and scans required. Basic setup includes scanning, scan processing into pointclouds and providing clients links to scans. Advanced setup includes basic setup services plus basic conversion of point cloud data into BIM modeled elements.

Scan Setup

Pointcloud Image