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Since 1961 Ring & DuChateau has provided engineering design services for projects ranging in size and market, from system design for small remodeling projects to design for the new construction of an entire hospital or high-rise.  Our early and continued focus on complex healthcare engineering systems design has allowed us to transcend that market, bringing to projects in every market value-added design expertise and services.


Aurora St. Luke

Healthcare systems require complex engineering design to ensure that patients are comfortable, diagnoses are correct, and people are safe.  Ring & DuChateau has specialized in healthcare systems design since our founding in 1961, with more than half of our current work in healthcare.  Our expertise helps healthcare providers continue providing vital services even during construction.

Higher Education

Hamilton High School Arts Center

Although education systems design needs vary from flexible learning spaces to research facilities to housing and food service, all share a common goal of providing the best learning environment possible. Ring & DuChateau’s expertise in such a wide variety of program spaces means a smarter design for greater learning.

Corporate & Commercial

Acuity Headquarters

Our corporate projects vary from hospitality to office buildings, mixed-use spaces to industrial warehouses. Whether designing mechanical systems for a new corporate headquarters, remodeling the 14th floor of a high-rise for a tenant, or renovating a manufacturer’s data center to increase power capacity, Ring & DuChateau’s depth of experience and commitment to partner collaboration ensures project success regardless of size, location, or services required.

Labs & Research

General Mitchell International Airport

Ring & DuChateau has been able to provide systems design solutions for a variety of civic and municipal projects because we have a high-level understanding of the standards and processes of government agencies and a commitment to provide the best possible design within budget and timeline. Our dedicated focus on economy and efficiency makes our systems design better, to make our communities better.

Arts, Culture & Activities

Milwaukee Art Museum

Arts and cultural facilities bring our communities together for shared experiences. Ring & DuChateau’s excellence in mechanical, electrical, technology, plumbing and fire protection and lighting systems design for our arts projects ensures that focus is trained on the cultural experience and not the systems behind the scenes.