Ring & Du :>>New VPs Will Help Serve RD Clients, Business

New VPs Will Help Serve RD Clients, Business

Through Ring & DuChateau’s steady and sustained growth over the last 60+ years from a handful of staff to our current group of 90, we’ve maintained what is central to our continued success – quality engineering. What is unique about the way we’ve done that is that fundamentally we are engineers, even in the business functions of the company. To better manage our client focus and better serve those business functions, Ring & DuChateau’s Managing Board of Partners has appointed an expanded management group to the position of Vice President.

The new Vice Presidents are:

  • Chris Ulm
  • TJ Erdman
  • Jason LaRosh
  • Steve Shibilski
  • Josh Nichols

Chris and Jason will focus on Business Development and Marketing.  TJ and Josh will be focused on Operations.  Steve will be focused on technology.

As a company, our 60+-year history is filled with many successes, and this new structure will build on the core of who we are as engineers. It will help us work smarter and maintain agility to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Congratulations to our new Vice President group!

Clockwise from top left : T.J. Erdman, Josh Nickols, Chris Ulm, Steve Shibilski, Jason LaRosh