Ring & Du :>>Cantoral Shares Design Innovation With STEM Students

Cantoral Shares Design Innovation With STEM Students

HVAC Systems Engineer Gustavo Cantoral shared systems design history and innovations with 4th and 5th grade students at Waukesha STEM Academy’s Randall Campus on March 2. The presentation for 35 students was designed to give students a real-world look at the role of innovation in careers and daily life.

“For me this was a lot of fun,” said Cantoral about the experience. “It’s the first time I’ve had a chance to share with children what we do as engineers and how innovation has impacted how we draw buildings.”

Cantoral has been with Ring & DuChateau doing just that for nearly three years, beginning with a six-month Milwaukee School of Engineering student internship that turned into full-time employment.

For the presentation, Cantoral included images of Minecraft and Lego Designer programs to help the students relate their experience to excitement about real-life to building engineering .

“These kids are learning so much more at a younger age,” he said. “I wanted show them how they are the future of engineering.”